Kristi in Oregon

Loving Owner of Shifty

Hi Equerry's Staff,

My TB horse, Shifty Babu, is having a special birthday this May. He will be 31 years "young". He is a retired racehorse, running 44 races in his career. I've had Shifty since he was 7 years old. Shifty has been on Equerry's products since 1995 and I have been feeding your Combined RX, specifically, for the last 3 years. He is very active and affectionate . My neighbors and mailman love to stop and visit him when he is out in the pasture. He runs and kicks up his heals and smiles ear to ear. He looks great and has been able to overcome a bout with pneumonia and an eye surgury with complete success. Shifty's vet staff guess he'll make it to 40! Equerry's products have helped keep Shifty in top form in his senior years. He is happy and healthy and MUCH loved!

I also have 3 dogs, aged 12, 11, and 9 years. They have been on your Spunky product their whole lives. Two years ago, my feed store suggested they be switched up to Spunky Level II. It took about 2 weeks and they were all acting like puppies! They love to run and play and be silly. 

I couldn't make it without my beloved animals! Thank you Equerry's for helping me to give them all a healthy happy life.

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