Shalimar & Ashley Johnson

 Testimonial for ProThrive...


Although ProThrive is marketed and labeled for dogs; my cats will be lifetime ProThrive users. It’s perfectly safe and healthy for cats!! After spending thousands of dollars at the vet when one of my cats became very ill with vomiting and bloody diarrhea, we were able to determine my cat had IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and a possible food allergy from what we were feeding her. We have always fed our cats a high quality protein, grain free canned/wet food only diet. After changing their protein source from chicken to rabbit (we determined she is allergic to chicken) and adding ProThrive to each meal (about 1/4 teaspoon per meal)... ALL of our cats (not just our IBD kitty) are doing amazing!! They all have perfect and healthy poop.. no more cow patties or diarrhea in the litter box ... and no more foul smelling stool either! They all (especially our IBD kitty) have increased energy, soft coats, and happy bowels! I can’t thank Animal Health Solutions enough for having ProThrive available. I do and will continue to recommend this product to ANYONE who has a pet!!! 


Thank you!


Shalimar & Ashley Johnson

Owners of 5 healthy & happy felines (DeeDee, Noodle, Sarge, Belle & LuLu)

Hemet, CA

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