Kristi B. "Shifty Babu"

 Back in 1990 I purchased Shifty.   He'd just retired from his thoroughbred racing career.   He was about 6yrs old.   Used him for working cattle on friends ranch in eastern OR.   He loved that.  No fear.   Then had to move back to Bend, OR.   In 1994, a local feed store suggested trying Equerry's supplement.   In about 2 weeks, he was feeling like a young colt.   Very active.   Over the years went to the different formulas of Equerry's depending on what he needed and his age.   Probably at least 15yrs ago, put him on the Equerry's Combined RX.     He is still on that today.  With the Combined RX, I've always given 2 scoops of MSM daily on his grain.  In May of 2018 he will be turning 35 yrs old.   Over the years, he's had pneumonia, 2 eye surgeries, a mild stroke that effected R. R. leg, but, doesn't keep him from running in his pasture, choked and a few other things.  Shifty lays down in pasture to nap.   When he gets up he races around the pasture to celebrate.  He always rallies.   I always keep a positive attitude about him.   Shifty is always a gentleman at 16.2 hands 1000lbs.  This year I will have owned him for 29 yrs.   He's a one in a million.   Temperment outstanding.   His veterinarians, at Bend Equine, love him so much, they threw a birthday party for him at the clinic when he turned 30 yrs old.   People who don't know his age guess he's not over 20yrs old.   Very surprised when I tell them how old he is.   I also tell them he looks and feels as good as he does because of the Equerry's products over the years.   I give him lots of hugs and kisses everyday. 

Kristi Baldini

Bend OR. 

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