Nutritional Support for Show Animals.
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Probiotic Top Dress for Show Cattle

Let your show animal move easy, feel good and look great in the Show Ring with the highest quality combination of blended microbes, enzymes available.

Sho-Natural keeps feed and water intake levels high with probiotic action. Aslo reduces symptoms of stress from shipping and handling. Biotin and Omega 3 added for hair coat condition and healty hooves. Joint Support with Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, Glucosamine and Yucca helps animals show in a relaxed style. Vitamins and Minerals for growth and bone development.

Microbial Action - To stabilize digestion allowing optimum absorption of nutrients suppressing pathogens like E.Coli and salmonella

Added Enzymes - To reduce protein to amino acids and peptides for muscle development and hair coat. Fast and dependable action for symptoms of stress, exertion, calving, antibiotic therapy and feed changes.

Active Live Yeast - Helps balance pH and keeps appetites strong. Yeast provides additional vitamins, proteins and a broad spectrum of enzymes

5 Digestive Enzymes - Quickly digest feed and allow maximum absorption of nutrients.

Amino Acids - Protein building blocks that are readily absorbed into blood stream.

High Biotin 5 MG - For healthier skin, hair and hoof.

High Selenium - For selenium deficient feeds and pasture

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Picture of 5 lb. Bag
5 lb. Bag

5 lb Bag - 80 daily feedings per 500#

Price: $54.63 (USD)
Picture of 20 lb. Bag
20 lb. Bag

20 lb. Bag - 320 daily feedings per 500# 

Price: $177.89 (USD)
50 lb. Bag

Price: $380.00 (USD)
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