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Better Horse Belly™ contains 5 Species of Microencapsulated Probiotics, MOS -Concentrated Yeast Cell Wall, 6 Digestive Enzymes and Live Yeast. Formulated to help support an overall healthy gut in the horse. Microencapsulated Probiotics increase the ability of the beneficial bacteria to survive and improve the hindgut Microflora in the horse. Especially useful with horses that are prone to colic, digestive upset, nervousness and ulcers.

Bonnie E

Cedar City, Utah

Dear Russ,
My husband and I spoke with you on Saturday at Rebecca Farm and you gave us two bags of Better Belly for me to try on my TB who was on Omeprazole.Yesterday was day five and the difference is noticeable! He has some energy back and seems to be a lot happier.I ordered the 6 month supply from the website.Thank you for introducing me to this product. Also thank you for your generous donation and support of the area VII Young Riders.