Equerry’s™ Economy Supplement

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“Just the Basics Equine Supplement” Equerry’s™ Economy Supplement is a very economical way to provide Microencapsulated Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, and a small amount of vitamins and minerals for your “Horse at Rest”.

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5 Species of Microencapsulated Probiotics – Our probiotics stimulate a steady appetite, promoting energy and stamina. Encapsulation protects the beneficial probiotics by creating a physical barrier which dissolves at its target point, the gut. Our probiotics are proven to survive the acid in the stomach and flourish in the hind gut. This creation of a positively flourishing gut will suppress multiple harmful pathogens (E. Coli, Salmonella). 

5 Digestive Enzymes – Our custom blend of enzymes assist in breaking down fats, proteins, etc. so that they are easier for the body to utilize. This allows for your horse to better utilize his current diet.

Through the creation of a healthy gut environment your horse will benefit from an improved absorption of essential nutrients, a boost in their digestive activity and gain a refined sense of wellness which leads to an improved level of performance and activity.

Organic Selenium – Our supplement will protect against cell damage, promote a healthy immune and cardiovascular system and improve hormone production.

Vitamins – we offer a broad spectrum of bio-available vitamins which are essential for Equine Health.

Proteinated Minerals – It is paramount that major and trace minerals be supplied in every feeding for proper growth, maintenance and regulatory functions. Equerry's contains chellated and proteinated minerals which are absorbed faster and more efficiently into the blood stream.

Amino Acids – These are the classic protein building blocks which are readily absorbed into blood stream.

Equerry’s™Economy Supplement is the perfect supplement for your mature horse that is not under a heavy work load or stress. Horses that are growing, or are used for reproduction, or being moderately worked should be fed a more complete and potent Equerry’s™Supplement such as Equerry’s™ Plus.

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Data sheet

10 lb. Bag Feedings Per 1000#
80 days
20 lb. Bag Feedings per 1000#
160 days
40 lb. Bag Feedings per 1000#
320 days
50 lb. Bag Feedings Per 1000#
400 days
Feeding Directions:
Feed at the rate of 2 ounces per head per day. Do not feed in amounts to exceed a supplemental Selenium level of 0.3 ppm in the final diet.
Follow label directions. The addition to feed of higher levels of this supplement containing Selenium is not permitted.
Do not feed to sheep due to possible Copper toxicity.
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Loving Owner of Moose

I am writing to express my pleasure with the Equerry's economy Supplement. I am a professional CHA Certified Riding Instructor and horse trainer located in Springfield, Or. I have four lesson horses in my program , as well as, a couple personally owned.<br /> <br /> Over the last 20 years, my family and I have lost 4, highly competitive and expensive horses to colic. Needless to say, I have lived through tremendous loss and am very aware of the levity and mystery of colic.<br /> <br /> In October, I purchased a 6 year old AQHA gelding originally from Southern California, originally from Texas, that had never been in 50 degree weather. He did not handle the travel well and was not drinking much. He left 90 degree weather and arrived in Oregon to sheets of rain and a thunderstorm. He refused to drink our Oregon water and was in a lot of shock. The next 2 weeks were very tumultutous. Five vet visits, $2000, and a lot of heartache and anxiety later I decided to try daily electrolytes and probiotics to help his digestive system adjust. After sitting in the aisle at Wilco, comparing labels of every supplement they had I decided to try Equerry's Economy Supplement. It contains higher levels of vitamins, minerals , electrolytes, and probiotics than any other product in that price range or even for more money.<br /> <br /> I began feeding Moose Equerry''s. Within 3 days, his water intake had quadrupled!!! Upon this discovery, all of my lesson horse went on it too! They all immediately quadrupled their water intake. As we know, Oregon winters are prime comic weather due to lack of hydration.<br /> <br /> in 25 years of handling horses, I have never been so pleased with a product and seen such results. Moose has not had anymore colic episodes since starting him on Equerry's. I oftern have clients and boarders in our barn asking me about supplements. I recommend Equerry's every time and have converted several people to Equerry;s from the competetion.<br /> <br /> Thank you Equerry's for a product that WORKS at an affordable price!!! My mind rests slightly easiter in the winter now.

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