Vitamin E and Selenium

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Equerry's Daily Supplement Vitamin E & Selenium Helps extend work-out time and avoid tying up.

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Beneficial for pregnant mares in protecting against white muscle disease in foals.

  • Added selenium for selenium deficient feeds
  • 1 OZ Serving Provides 2000 IU's of Vitamin E & 2mg's of Selenium


This product also includes Probiotics, Enzymes & Live Yeast

* Feed alone or use with Equerry's Choice or Equerry's Plus daily vitamins for additional selenium.

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5 lb. Bag Feedings per 1000#
80 1 oz. feedings
20 lb. Bag Feedings per 1000#
320 1 oz. Feedings
50 lb. Bag Feedings Per 1000#
800 days of feeding with a 1oz scoop

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