Natural Diet Supplement

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Our Natural diet Supplement is formulated to be fed to dogs that are being fed raw meat. 5 different micro-encapsulated Probiotics, & digestive enzymes, plus additional natural additives to help with the digestion of raw meat. In addition, we have added vitamins and minerals to help fortify and balance the animal's diet.

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  • The Natural Diet Supplement is specifically formulated for canine and feline diets consisting of raw, partially-cooked, or fully cooked meats and vegetables. Probiotics have a benefit to many animals, but are considered a necessity to animals on a raw diet. Probiotics help to increase digestion, boost the immune system, and increase overall health. Multiple species of micro-encapsulated probiotics, digestion enzymes, plus the addition of natural products, combine to help dogs and cats break down raw meat. In addition, we have added a balanced blend of vitamins to fortify and balance your ration.
  • Adds a natural balance of live Digestive Enzymes and Encapsulated Microbial Populations.
  • A Selected profile of Vitamins and Minerals - Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin E, Electrolytes and  Anti-oxidants.

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